Our devices automatically retrieve the latest firmware upgrade there is no need for you to do anything. Also there is firmware download link, and easy for upgrade through SD card.

We recommend a minimum speed of 5Mbps

FIBER INTERNET min. 1Mbps internet connection.

ADSL INTERNET min. 2Mbps internet connection.

DSL INTERNET min. 2Mbps internet connection.

4G INTERNET min. 5Mbps internet connection.

3G INTERNET min.10Mbps internet connection.

CABLETV INTERNET min. 10Mbps internet Connection.

The device consumes bandwidth on how much you actually use it. It may consumes approx. 900M per hour, we strongly recommend “unlimited” internet connection plans.

Yes, our website using Credit Card Visa or Master. You can do rights protection if you didn’t receive product after paying.

Once you purchased your device through the Alphadoo official website, you will be able to track your item once the tracking number available. Normally, will send out by DHL or Fedex with 24 hours after paid, and the shipment is about 3-5 days to the door.

For the tracking number, you get it from Alphadoobox website, also get an email about it too.

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